Jefferson County Water Control & Improvement District No 10


The Jefferson County Water Control & Improvement District No. 10 was created by an act of the Texas Legislature on April 20, 1955. The Water District was established to provide potable water and sewer services to approximately 300 families living in the 333 acres of Central Gardens. By 1993 The Water District had grown to 1,178 acres and had a population of approximately 5,500.

The Water District’s governing body consists of five (5) at-large Board Directors. Directors elect Officers to fill the positions of President, Vice President, and Secretary. Board Directors server 4-year terms and elections are held in even-numbered years.

Mission Statement:
The Jefferson County WC&ID No. 10 strives to provide the community we serve with professional, reliable, and quality services. We are committed to improving our efficiency and effectiveness by communicating with customers, maintaining and improving the infrastructure and being fiscally conservative.

Board of Directors:
Stephen Savant – President
Lester Crooks – Vice President
Loretta Wade – Secretary
Tom Smith – Director
Hal Ross – Director